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  • April 13, 2019 - November 9, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

You know how women have dreams but they get too busy, overwhelmed, or feel too guilty to get started? Empowerment Workshops teach women how to realize the value of themselves and their dreams, determine their ideal life, and provide a variety of tools and resources to be confident and successful.

Do you want to know what the best thing is about this workshop?…

We do all the work together during this workshop, so you leave that day not only being motivated and inspired, but you have all the hard work of planning DONE!  Many times we read a great book or we attend a fantastic motivational seminar, but then we have to go home and do the work ourselves. Oftentimes that work doesn’t end up getting done because we forget what we learned, we don’t have the time or make the time, or we lose our motivation. THIS is why I designed this all-day retreat, so we do the work together that day so when you leave you have a finished vision board. You have a completed well-balanced life grid. You have your goal(s) written out, complete with your why and milestone dates. You also have a new network of friends to keep you inspired and on task. This allows you to literally hit the ground running with nothing to stop you!

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At this all-day, hands-on, interactive, engaging workshop you will create the best version of yourself, and identify your life’s True North Star!

Who Should Attend:

  1. People who desire more out of life but don’t quite know where to start.
  2. Anyone feeling stuck or bored with their current situation.
  3. Those who need help identifying their passions.
  4. People who need motivation and inspiration in their life.

At the end of this retreat you will have:

  1. An understanding of your value and why you deserve to live a fulfilled life.
  2. A completed vision board of your ideal life.
  3. A completed life grid to give your life meaning and balance.
  4. Written goals for your dream(s) or specific project(s).
  5. A wealth of resources from books to podcasts to mantras to much more.

Retreats are held at:  Winding Creek Farm, Marengo, IL

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

If you desire, after the retreat, you will become part of the BU2BFULL Positivity Community to keep your momentum and ensure continued forward movement in your life.

NOTE: I have held many custom-created workshops, too! Some examples:

  1. A team-building workshop for a veterinarian office, which included:
    1. personality tests to identify each personality style AND how to work with other personality styles.
    2. “How I see your essence” exercise (great opportunity to show your colleagues love and respect)
  2. A budget workshop for a salon with younger employees as part of their annual development goals, which included:
    1. Identifying and defining their financial future
    2. A review of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
    3. Creating their budgets
    4. Outlining their debt snowball
    5. Sharing tactics to build credit
    6. Tips and proven strategies on how to organize financial papers
  3. A reinvigoration retreat for an animal rescue facility, which included:
    1. Discovering the teams values using the “values ladder” technique and values exercise
    2. Creating a group vision board for the team
    3. Setting team goals for the group
  4. A confidence-building retreat for a multi-line marketing (MLM) group, which included:
    1. A modified version of the Empowerment Workshop
    2. Strategies on building confidence and having no fear
    3. Future work will include hypnotherapy to provide selling confidence

Let me bring a workshop to you…in the comfort of your own home! I just need your kitchen table and each seat filled with a friend. I will do the rest. Together we will build confidence, self-esteem, and create the best version of yourself.


I can customize the workshop to meet your needs, whether it is the timeframe or the topics covered. Some options for workshops:

  • Confidence counts: women’s empowerment workshop
  • Creating a vision: Vision Board Workshops
  • Become Balanced: Developing a Well-Rounded Life Grid
  • Together we can kick more ass: team-building to strengthen your bonds
  • Validating your values: creating a firm personal foundation
  • Understanding yourself and knowing how to work with others: personality profiles
  • Stop being a hot mess: organization and time-management workshop
  • I work hard for my money: budgeting workshop


  • 4 hours or less with a minimum of 6 people=$35/person; with a minimum of 4 people=$50/person
  • An ideal size for these workshops are 4-10/12 people


  • Identify your personal values
  • Discover your life’s passions
  • Learn how to set goals for a desired outcome
  • Secrets to setting a clear vision for your life
  • Unlock your fears so you can move forward
  • Proven ways to empower yourself
  • Build your confidence
  • A FUN day with your girlfriends


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